Import-Link to import csv over Kibana not existing

After upgrading to 7.9.2 the link in Kibana home to import a csv directly doesn'exist. I have a basic license. Went this very useful feature to another position? The documentation says it should be still there...
May anyone help?
Thanks! :slight_smile:!


This is confusing because I can see it in my local 7.9.2 -

Can you please tell me which version you upgraded from?


Thank you for your answer.
I' ve upgraded from 7.7.0, where the link exists, to the new 7.9.2.
It's running on a Linux Mint Intranet Server.

Any help or suggestions what to do?

I installed now a fresh 7.9.3 on a new Linux-Server. And it is missing too.
Is this useful function no longer a part of the basic license?

Either not willing to or not knowing how to help me out I make a "workaround" with logstash. It's working but really laborious when user want to add csv-data quickly. They must ask every time the admin to write a config for logstash....

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