Import Canvas to dashboard

I need images and custom icons in the dashboard. In the canvas editor I can do that.
However, is it possible to import the canvas to a dashboard?

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hi @Mik_a

this isn't really possible, to import a canvas into dashboards. It's a known issue Adding Canvas workpad to a dashboard · Issue #33034 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

What kind of gaps are you trying to fill, that you can do in dashboard but not in canvas?

You might try the reverse instead. You can add a visualization from a dashboard, inside a canvas workpad. Use the "Embed Object" link (top right) to select a visualization from kibana, and add it to your custom workpad.

hey great. I'll try with the reverse.

What I am trying is using images and icons etc to both clarify and brand the metrics.
Unfortunately this aspect seem to be completely neglected. in canvas custom colors to bar charts are not possible (except for one unified) and images custom extra text fields are not supportedin the dashboard

well, not so great. Canvases can't be embedded anywhere. Only snapshots of them.
We need to show live data, preferably to customers
as well (which I found elsewhere not being really easily done)

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