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I want to build simple visualizations that include some sort of images. For example, I have q data from led's going on or off and i want to have images of led's in the respective states for each item showing if it is of or on.
Or I have some control gear that is rotated and changes it value, i would like to visualize this with a rotating image of such a control gear.

Is something like this possible with Kibana? I looked into Vega, but apart from the very complicated structure of this markup language, I found that the currently supported vega version in kibana does not support custom images at all.

Another approach I thought about is the Markup vizualization, but I did not find a way to change the displayed images on some condition in any way there, not talking about things like rotating them.

The last thing that came into my mind was the TSVB visualization which supports some sort of custom css as I saw, but I did not manage to build something useful.

Any help appreciated.


You can use Canvas to get where you want to go with this. You can add your images to the workpad and save it.

Here are few screenshots of our sample ecommerce workpad:

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 3.47.09 PM|690x431

Here is a blog post along those lines:

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for your reply. The problem is, we are using the usual vizualizations for everything else. Can I somehow add canvas visualizations to a standard dashboard?

unfortunately you can't. Canvas dashboards are called workpads.
The integration is in the works though!

Well then this unfortunately not a solution that we can use. Can you think of any other way to do such things?

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