Import CSV with Long and Lat

How to show Tile Map with load CSV file include Longitude and Latitude?
And how to show out each split field in Kibana
I have write this script, It couldn't run well.

input {
file {
path => "/tmp/earthquake.csv"
start_position => "beginning"
separator => ","
columns => ["DateTime","Latitude","Longitude","Depth","Magnitude","MagType","NbStations","Gap","Distance","RMS","Source","EventID"]

mutate { convert => {"Latitude" => "float"} }
mutate { convert => {"Longitude" => "float"} }
mutate { rename => {"Latitude" => "[location][lat]"} }
mutate { rename => {"Longitude" => "[location][lon]"} }
mutate { convert => {"[location]" => "float" } }
mutate { convert => {"Depth" => "float"} }
mutate { convert => {"Magnitude" => "float"} }
mutate { convert => {"NbStations" => "integer"} }

elasticsearch {
hosts => ""
action => "index"
index => "logstash-%{+dd.MM.YYYY}"

Thank you

Have a look at and

Hello Warkolm,
I couldn't do this command based on elastic web..

bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-environment

the error:
hpc@elk:/opt/logstash$ bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-environment
ERROR: File /opt/logstash/Gemfile does not exist or is not writable, aborting

and then

Where I have to run this two bellow commands ?
tail +1 earthquakes.txt| EVENT="earthquake" logstash/bin/logstash -f ncedc-earthquakes-logstash.conf
tail +1 blasts.txt| EVENT="blast" logstash/bin/logstash -f ncedc-earthquakes-logstash.conf

Thank you

If you look in the LS config you will see how to merge lat and lon.

Dear Warkolm,
Thank you very much for your response..
I meant I didn't use my first above message script to install anymore, all of the steps I used your both links: and

In your documentation has documented that it has to install bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-environment
but after I run it in the bin/logstash, I found this error:

ERROR: File /opt/logstash/Gemfile does not exist or is not writable, aborting

do you have any solution?