Import/export CSV data feeds to elasticsearch

Good Day community!

is there any way to automate the process of downloading CSV files from gmail and ingest those to Elasticsearch by creating new indices?

My challenges are following-

  1. Downloading the CSV files from my gmail account automatically.
  2. Import the CSV files to Elasticsearch by creating automatic indices.

These CSV files are sent to my gmail account automatically everyday which needs to be ingested as my data feeds to the Elasticsearch.

If any alternate idea is out there then please feel free to suggest as well.

Thanks in advance,

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There's not really a great way to ingest the emails via the Elastic Stack to be honest. You might want to look at something like Zapier/Make.

Have you tried Logstash imap input plugin?

Thanks for the reply. I will be looking into Zapier/Make

Thanks for the reply. No, i have not tried with any logstash input plugin. If you could please give me some resources to study that would be really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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