Import Saved objects throws 415 status code

Hi Team,
Greetings...! I Want to provide the dashboard as part of application . So I used export saved objects Api and ship my ndjson file as part of application. Finally I will use import saved Objects API. But when I try to Install the application , Dashboards are coming up for some times and some times it throws 415 exception and not shown. I'm not sure where I made mistake. Please help me to fix this.
My ELK version is 7.17.

Status code for /root/dashboards/Dashboard.ndjson dashboard is: 415

Thanks in advance.


Do you see any errors in logs?
Oh one more question - 415 Unsupported Media Type - HTTP | MDN error seems to be unsupported media type. Is there anything else in your application causing this?


Thanks bhavyarm for your reply and apologies for my late response.
I'm not getting any error in Kibana logs
When I log the status of Import saved objects api, I got below as output.

Status code for /root/dashboards/Dashboard.ndjson dashboard is: 415

**. Surprisingly I'm not getting this every where. If I install my application in 10 machines, 5 out of 10 im getting this log.

Thanks in advance

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