Importing prebuilt kibana dashboards: "0 objects imported"

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I am experiencing issues importing prebuilt dashboards in kibana from , i follow the installation procedure but i dont get new dashboards available in "saved objects".

Does anyone have any exp with this ?

Many thanks!

Can you elaborate on which particular dashboard you are trying, and which version of ES/Kibana you are running. I successfully imported the kibana-alerting-enhancement dashboard into 7.15. I downloaded and extracted the .zip, and imported the .ndjson file.

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Morning :slight_smile:

Ok so my Elastic is 7.12.1. I tried to import:

  • threat hunting
  • cloudflare
  • alerting enhancement
  • machine learning

All of them were downloaded, unzipped and imported from their "export.ndjson" file.

The elastic logo spins for a while, like for a min or so then there a message saying "0 objects imported".

Wonder whether it s due to the ELK version i am running.


A couple of those do appear to require a newer version. But the enhanced alerting dashboard worked for me on 7.12.1. Perhaps retry while running the network inspector on your browser and watch for errors.
Do you have a WAF that might be interfering?

Those dashboards are made by myself. Can you tell me a little more about the issue you are facing?
Do you run Kibana in premise or in the cloud?

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