In a cluster, changes in elasticsearch.yml must be replicated in all nodes?

Hi, previously I have made changes to elasticsearch.yml and replicated those changes in all nodes, no Im about to configure and I was wandering if it necessary to add this lines in all nodes in my cluster?

I think that depends on the layout of your cluster.. I have a master, coordinator and data nodes split and depend on what I configure I push it to the specific nodes.. I have email notification configuration item on the coordinator + data nodes for example.

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Thanks Paul, I just have three master nodes, can you please explain what do you mean with "push" the configuration?

Oh, we us saltstack to keep out configurations in check, this combined with git gives us a solid base. The cluster I manage has 3 master, 4 coordinator, 10 short term (ssd) and 10 longterm (hdd) nodes..

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