In Kibana how to do a text search with multiple contains

On the kibana UI if I want to search the term car in text on a field named message I would do

message: "%car%"

that works.

If I want to find text that contains both car and bike, I would try

but that did not work.

I also tried

message: carbike*

that didnt work either.

What the right way to do this?

Hi Vivek,

If you just enter 2 words in the Discover query bar with a space between them, you'll get results where any of the fields in the docs contain either of those words;

If you want to be specific on which fields should be searched you can list them (again with a space between);

So this finds docs where @message:uploads OR extension:jpg (the default is OR)

And this finds that meet both conditions; @message:uploads AND extension:jpg



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