Inbound/outbound traffic Visualization is not displaying in kibana 7.17.3v


inbound/outbound traffic Visualization of metricbeat is not displaying any details in kibana 7.17.3v.
It is working fine in the default metricbeat dashboard , so i copied it from here to my new dashboard. while checking in edit visualization its working & displaying details but when giving save & return and came back to dashboard it shows empty metric.
Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

can you confirm that the time intervals are similar on both the default metricbeat dashboard and your own? Also, can you add a couple of screenshots, it makes it easier to spot any problem.

Yes i tried it by changing time intervals.
When i searched in inbound /outbound fields in discover data is empty for that application. I think due to this reason no details is displaying in inbound/outbound panels.

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