Including additional field in tool-tip for dot chart

(Nikhil Utane) #1

I am creating a dot plot using the standard Line chart visualization.
Everything is working fine and I can see various dots corresponding to some key event. When I hover over any single dot, I see a tool-tip as below.
However, along with these fields, I want to show any additional field (say hostname) that shows which host the event was generated from. I don't want to split the chart or anything. Just want to include in the tool-tip.
Can I achieve that using the advanced JSON input field? If so, how?


(Nathan Reese) #2

You can not.

The dot chart is not showing you documents. The dot chart is showing you aggregated results. Meaning, each dot is showing you the results for all documents in the x-axis bucket. Most likely, each bucket contains many different values for host.

(Nikhil Utane) #3

Thanks for your response Nathan. I get it.

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