Inconsistent "Error in visualization: Request Entity Too Large"

Hi guys,

I have developed a kibana dasboard for a customer and it's deployed on a private cloud which is neither in my environment or the customer's. During development I got a few of the aforementioned errors so I chopped one dashboard in two and it worked fine. Still works fine on my environment, but in the customer's environment it throws the error several times every time they open one of the dashboards. Any one dealt with a similar issue before?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @ebalmeida,

Do you happen to have a reverse proxy (such as nginx or apache) in front of Kibana? If so, that could be rejecting the request if it's not properly configured.

If that's not the issue, you could try setting server.maxPayloadBytes to a larger value in your kibana.yml (the default value is 1048576). Settings here:

Seems to have worked (the maxPayloadBytes solution). Thanks a lot

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