Increase Kibana data table bucket size

Kibana v 7.15.1

I want to show some items in the Kibana data table. And I found that the size of the bucket restricts the showing results. For example, if I set the size to 20, some log data will not be displayed on the table.

I would like to ask if any methods to set the size automatically depending on the shown data's requirements.

Thank you!

Hey @cps598 the terms aggregation in kibana datatable defaults to size 5. In ES if you don't define a size, it returns the top 10 terms. If you need more values to be displayed you have to increase this size manually. This doesn't work automatically.
The terms aggregation is mostly used to identify the top terms with the most documents.
An important note here is that larger values of size use more memory to compute and, push the whole aggregation close to the max_buckets limit.
You could also use the Group other values switch which actually groups all the remaining values into a separate bucket. In that way you can have the top 20 terms and all the others grouped in one bucket.

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