Indeces not found in Elastic hosting

Hi there,

so i use the elastic hosting trial, and connect with the PHP client. I can create an index, write to it and read it.

But Kibana will not show any new index, also the console will not display it :frowning:

Acess with url like this:

doesn´t work,

this does:

..but not showing the new indexes :frowning:

Any help is appreciated!

What am guessing is if the console won't display the new indices via the _cat/indices calls, it's usually because Elasticsearch has security enabled and that user can't access that index. Is that the case here?

The other common issue that we see is the user not refreshing their index patterns, but that'd just lead to fields not being there or errors being thrown when the user tried to query the data elsewhere in Kibana.

More Kibana and ES logs would help in this case.


You could try;

That should show what indices you have and the document counts.

HI Rashmi,

I use the default user (admin?), and with these credentials it works with the PHP client.


What version are you using? I'm guessing if you started a new trial you probably chose the most recent 6.2.4 release?

Did you try the _cat/indices call from the Kibana console? Can you paste the results here?

In Kibana, are you trying to create the index pattern for your index? Can you tell us what happens there? New indices don't show up automatically in Discover tab in Kibana. You have to create an index pattern that matches them.

Hmm this: in the url gives me an ilegal argument exeption (v)

Here is the ouput from the elastic console:
green open .monitoring-es-6-2018.05.31 aFGlUd7FQSmVIumXYmqunQ 1 1 52296 36 59.9mb 30.3mb
green open .monitoring-alerts-6 9hzc6Eo_SbeKSbjOOPVPAw 1 1 3 0 42.4kb 24.2kb
green open .monitoring-kibana-6-2018.05.31 SGN9N_NUQrCAhEtoQt-MwQ 1 1 3442 0 2.6mb 1.7mb
green open .monitoring-kibana-6-2018.05.30 kAQxIdDNRZ-DTNcVAjpehQ 1 1 2003 0 1.2mb 673.4kb
green open .watcher-history-7-2018.05.30 6SrhO9llQkCIIK3Nbf3pVQ 1 1 2651 0 6.8mb 3.5mb
green open .watcher-history-7-2018.05.31 Pt2zJ1opQtCjrpcFABGOFw 1 1 4670 0 17.5mb 11.5mb
green open .watches n7VvL0SbR_COT8kQsPlpCQ 1 1 6 0 168.4kb 117.7kb
green open .monitoring-es-6-2018.05.30 c22JVflATnWtKwXvUQKEsQ 1 1 23788 24 27.1mb 13.6mb
green open .triggered_watches

Doing some more research, i´m pretty sure there configuration is wrong or there are some undocumented steps. doe not work.
Also, i found out that my PHP client wasn´t talking to the AWS but to localhost, my bad.

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