Index data into Elasticsearch without setting trigger on database tables


Our company is a mobile game publisher, we need analyze our published games data from their database and we needs use elasticsearch and kibana for some analysis but the game developers who work with us only give us SELECT access to certain database tables and refuse to give more access (such as setting sql trigger on tables).

we need to design ingest-pipeline for index their tables on our elasticsearch only with SELECT access and nothing more.

Can you suggest a method for indexing data from their databases given the limitations mentioned?


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Also we can use ssh connection to their database (but still we using user with SELECT privilege)

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Ingest pipelines require you to push data to Elasticsearch, they will not pull data from anywhere.

You might want to look at Logstash instead.

Yes @warkolm , I'm agree with you,

but the Logstash needs set trigger on the database tables but we don't access to set trigger on database because the developer (who own the game database) just give us the SELECT access on their sql database.

can you suggest me for any alternative way to push data from databases to Elasticsearch without setting trigger?

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