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Good morning,

I installed elasticsearch and kibana on a VM in debian, my documents that I want to index are on another VM.
How can I tell Elasticsearch to index them?

Thanks in advance

Hi @fabian_barnich

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There are lots of ways to get documents into elasticsearch.

A typical starting point would be using something like filebeat.

There is also REST endpoint or if you just have one or two files you can use the manual file uploader.

Kibana > Machine Learning> Upload File

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry I'm a beginner.
is there not a modification to be made in the yml to index another VM ip?

There is nothing in core Elasticsearch itself that will pull in data from externam non-Elasticsearch sources, so you need to use a tool like Kibana, Filebeat, Logstash or maybe even FSCrawler to do this. The choice depends on what type of data it is and whether it is a one-off load or something that need to happen regularly.

Thank you for your answer
The best is to explain the context.
On an intranet I have to make a search area which must fetch procedures in word or pdf on a server. I hope I am accurate enough :wink:
So what are you suggesting to me?

I would recommend you look at Elastic Enterprise Search and FSCrawler.

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