Importing json

Hi there,
I'm new in elastic search and I was wondering if there is any straightforward way to import JSON file to kibana in order to make virtualization, Do I need to use filebeat?
when uploading sample data of Shakespeare using "machine learning"> "Data virtualizer" and then discover data it is like there is a gap between each row...
How I can index and import my file, is there any step by step guide available?

There are quite a few ways to get data into Elasticseach - you can use the Elasticsearch Index API, or Bulk API.

We also have Beats, which are lightweight shippers, which themselves use these API's. If you have a file which you're wanting to import, Filebeat would probably be your easiest option. Another benefit to using Beats are they automatically create the mapping for the indices, and create sample visualizations/dashboards in Kibana.

Getting Started With Filebeat

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