Getting json data into Elasticsearch

Hi all,

I have a simple json (key/single value per key) file I need to get into Elasticsearch via Filebeat. I've been able to do this, but it's using the standard filebeat index, therefore the datatypes are off and I cannot do visualizations on the data since they are all text string types. This filebeat client will only process this json log, so no complexity there with prospectors etc.

I've been trying to find a simple example of creating an index, most seem to go well beyond what I need and it's kinda confusing for a newbie like me. I assume I need an index template on the filebeat client and a created index for it in elasticsearch? Is there a gui tool to create an index or do I have to create it via text entry PUT in kibana?

Is this easier to do utilizing logstash? I'd rather not add software to handle one simple file if possible.

Any advice/simple example appreciated

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