Index level settings in elasticsearch v5.0

Hi all,

I noticed that index level settings can't be set in elasticsearch.yml.

I just wonder how I can set indices.fielddata.cache.size ?

and other index memory cache settings like this one.

DELETE index
PUT index
  "settings": {
    // Settings here

Thanks for you reply.

I still have some confusion:

  1. If I want to set the whole cluster index, I have to set this in each index one by one?

  2. Once a index is created, can I still dynamically change the settings like indices.fielddata.cache.size?

One by one for existing indices yes. That was the same when those settings where available in elasticsearch.yml BTW.

You can change dynamically some settings. See

I found that settings like indices.xx still work while index.xx may result in errors.

referring to

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