Index level settings in elasticsearch v5.0

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Hi all,

I noticed that index level settings can't be set in elasticsearch.yml.

I just wonder how I can set indices.fielddata.cache.size ?

and other index memory cache settings like this one.

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DELETE index
PUT index
  "settings": {
    // Settings here

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Thanks for you reply.

I still have some confusion:

  1. If I want to set the whole cluster index, I have to set this in each index one by one?

  2. Once a index is created, can I still dynamically change the settings like indices.fielddata.cache.size?

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One by one for existing indices yes. That was the same when those settings where available in elasticsearch.yml BTW.

You can change dynamically some settings. See

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I found that settings like indices.xx still work while index.xx may result in errors.

referring to

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