Index Lifecycle Error: rollover_alias keep resetting back

illegal_argument_exception: index.lifecycle.rollover_alias [metricbeat] does not point to index [metricbeat-pnsgsit1web7-2019.07.17-000006]

I have configured my ILM to rollover each day and i received this error on the first rollover.

my index settings:

  "": "metricbeat-7.0.1",
  "index.lifecycle.rollover_alias": "metricbeat",

I have actually set the ilm in the metricbeat like this:

setup.ilm.enabled: auto
setup.ilm.rollover_alias: "metricbeat-pnsgsit1web7"
setup.ilm.pattern: "{now/d}-000001"
setup.ilm.policy_name: "metricbeat-7.0.1"
setup.ilm.policy_file: "/etc/metricbeat/metricbeat-7.0.1.json"
setup.ilm.check_exists: false
setup.ilm.overwrite: true

Currently i am renaming the alias to
"index.lifecycle.rollover_alias": "metricbeat-pnsgsit1web7" manually and retrying lifecycle step. This solve the error temporary only.
When the next roll over comes on the next day, the error appears again and the alias is set back to "metricbeat".

How can i permanently tell metricbeat to rollover with the new updated alias?

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