Index lifecycle Management: Index Name

If I want to use the life cycle, then the index is named after the end of 00001?

Yes so if your old index is named eg. logs-000001, your new index would be named: logs-000002.
You can refer to this docs page.

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Another question , i have some index patterns , how to manager them by life cycle management,
I think we can match them with different templates, but is there any other way?

If you define a policy eg. sxc_liecycle_policy for your indices, One way to do it can be: For the 9 indices, which all starts from sxc*, you could define an index template where you can define an index pattern : "index_patterns" : ["sxc-*"] & "index.lifecycle_policy: "sxc_liecycle_policy". This template will be applied to all those 9 indices. For the other index, you can define a seperate template and apply the ILM policy as per your need. For more details, refer documentation page for this.

You can implement ILM policy through Kibana UI as well, through Index management tab.
Hope this helps!

sorry , I did not describe my problem clearly.
let me give an example , I use efk(filebeat,fluentd,elasticsearch) to collect my application logs and create new indexes every day. Like sxc-gateway-2019.10.20, sxc-gateway-2019.10.21, sxc-stocke-service-2019.10.20, sxc-stocke-service-2019.10.21.I can't make the aliases of different application indexes the same.
the document indicates that the index's alias and life cycle policy need to be consistent, so How to configure the index template?

Is it not necessary to create a new index every day, I just need to create an application index sxc-gateway-000001 roll over based on size

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