Index name changed after upgrade to 7.8

I recently upgraded a cluster from 6.8 to 7.8. I had to use the kibana upgrade assistant to reindex all four of my indexes. Well now those indexes have a different name. It was tc_employees but now it is reindexed-v6-tc_employees. I have heard there is an alias in place, but that is not working properly as I am relying on a python package called django-elasticsearch-dsl.

Is there an easy way to change the index names back to what they were?

Renaming is painful - mostly via snapshot so if not very large, and you have snapshots setup, that may be easiest.

Other way is alias, which should work - your Python package just calls the 'old' name which will use the new name - does that not work, even in tests in CURL or Kibana? Or does the Python package somehow look up index names or something? Aliases are common (and required for ILM) so clients should support them by basically just sending the simple names to ES.

You could also reindex back to the old name, I guess, if not too painful.

Check out _cat/aliases to make sure an alias does exist for it.

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