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ELK 6.2.3 - In Kibana I can define an index pattern based on a comma-separated list of indexes, rather than using wildcards. Kibana appears to accept this and shows me the correct list of indexes matching pattern, when creating the pattern. Also shows the correct combined list of fields from all indexes in my list when I review the index pattern. However, when I try to use this index pattern for a search in Discover tab, no results.

Is this comma-separated list a valid way to create an index pattern, and if not, why does Kibana seem to accept it? Thanks!



hi @aidofitz,

interesting, I can reproduce this. Using comma-separation isn't documented usage in Kibana (, but it certainly does work in the indexpattern-creation wizard. It's also supported in ES of course.


POST foobar1/type 
  "some": "value"

POST foobar2/type 
  "some other": "other value"

GET foobar1,foobar2/_search

GET foobar*/_search

My foobar* index pattern would display fine in Discover, but not my foobar1,foobar2 index pattern.

This is may be a bug. Could you log this in thx!

Thanks. Done -

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