Search multiple indices in Kibana 4?

(Chris Neal) #1

Hi all,

Trying out Kibana 4's new release today, and was wondering is this is still
possible. In Kibana 3, you could simply comma-delimit all the index
patterns you wanted to expose to your searches, but that doesn't seem
possible in Kibana 4.

I have indexes named like:


I'd like to be able to search across company and customer if possible.
It appears that the "Configure an Index Pattern" page allows for a single
pattern, not multiples separated by commas.

If I wanted to search these two indexes:


but not:


Is that possible?

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Time based index pattern + wildcard

+1...I don't see how to do this either. Is it no longer possible? That was a very powerful feature in Kibana3.

(Tanya Bragin) #3

This will be possible in a future release:

(system) #4