Index patterns gone after upgrading Kibana 6.1.3 to 6.2.4


I did just upgrade my ELK stack to this version. The indices are still there, AFAICS:

GET /.kibana-6/_search?size=50| jq '.hits.hits[] | ._id'

But Kibana just tells me "Index Patterns: In order to visualize and explore data in Kibana, you'll need to create an index pattern to retrieve data from Elasticsearch.".

There are no index patterns, but under Management > Saved Objects I can find one dashboard, four searches and two visualizations...

What gives? :confused:


I could solve this myself, the only thing Kibana wanted was to mark one of the index patterns as default which caused it to add aconfig:6.2.4 document to the .kibana-6 index.

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