Index restore on different cluster

(piyush) #1

Hi Team,
I am working on a failure scenario and trying to restore index on a different cluster (DR). But i am getting an error:

I am assuming the index snapshot can be store in any ES cluster, is my understanding correct? if yes, please help resolving this error:

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "index_shard_restore_failed_exception",
"reason": "failed to read shard snapshot file",
"index": "filebeat-2016.10.10",
"shard": "0"
"type": "index_shard_restore_failed_exception",
"reason": "failed to read shard snapshot file",
"index": "filebeat-2016.10.10",
"shard": "0",
"caused_by": {
"type": "no_such_file_exception",
"reason": "/valid-file-path/filebeat-2016.10.10/0/snap-snapshot_1.dat"
"status": 500

My Steps:

  1. Taken a snapshot of index filebeat-2016.10.10 which belongs to cluster es-cluster-1

  2. Manually copied filebeat backup directory to another physical server entitled es-cluster-2. This is a fresh cluster built for this testing only.

  3. Trying to restore snapshot using:
    POST /_snapshot/my-filebeat-snapshot/snapshot_1/_restore

Please let me know if you need more details.

Thanks & Regards

(Kartheek Gummaluri) #2

Ok for the new cluster i.e es-cluster-2 you need to create a repository with the name that is provided in es-cluster-1.Then you can restore it will restore the all the data.

Hope this helps.

Kartheek Gummaluri

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