Index rollover not working

I have an index, let's call it index-name-000001, current size 30gb.
Aliases index-name
Current action rollover
under phase definition:

 "actions": {
      "rollover": {
        "max_primary_shard_size": "20gb"

under setting I also have rollover alias defined:

"index": {
"lifecycle": {
"name": "index-name-policy",
"rollover_alias": "index-name"

What am I missing, why is the rollover not working?
Do I need to manually create the follower index - index-name-000002, what's the point in that if I need to do it manually.

Any help will be much appreciated .


Do you have a replica in place and more than one data node in your cluster?

If that is the case you need to notice the difference between index size (size of primary and replica shards) and primary shard size (which is what is configured in your policy).

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Yes I have 2 data nodes and replica is configured as:
number_of_replicas": "1"
So I guess you are correct.
I've also noticed that under the STATE tab I see

"store": {
        "size_in_bytes": 16134903418

Which is 16GB, so it makes sense.

Thanks a lot for the help, I feel silly I've missed that.

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