Index rotation hour increases


I am using ILM to rollover my indexes after a maximum age of 1 day. After some debug I noticed a strange pattern with this:

1 - first index is rotated at 2:34am
2 - second index is rotated at 2:44am
3 - third index is rotated at 2:54am
4 - fourth index is rotated at 3:04am

It seems to be increasing 10 min every time each index is rotated. Is there any reason for this?


The ILM process checks the indices to see if they match any action on an scheduled interval, per default this interval is 10 minutes.

The maximum age is based on the index creation, so if you have a maximum age of 1 day, it will check your indices to see if they were created more than 24 hours before, if an index matchs this check, it will be rolled over.

Since it can take at least 10 minutes to apply the action, the behavior you describes seems to be normal and expected.

ILM works better with bigger intervals, if you want daily indices ILM is not the best option.

If you want exactly daily indices. yes. If you can live with a bit of variance though it's still the best option

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