Index shown in CAT api but cannot query it

Hi all!

The CAT api of Elasticsearch will show the index to be GREEN and OPEN. However, any attempt to work on the index directly like DELETE or QUERY API will cause index_not_found_exception error.

There's one thing I noted though, there is a weird red dot at the end of the problematic index. ( as shown in the attached photo).

Thanks in advance!

Can you show the output of the CAT query? Also, the output of the /_alias may be helpful, feel free to limit the output you share to just that index... I'm just curious of the index itself has that trailing . or not.

Hi @Joe_Fleming,

Thanks for the prompt response!

Attached is the picture of the CAT query. The index does not have a trailing dot at the end.

There isn't any alias being created at all. (As shown in the screenshot)

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