Index size and docs count are not proportional

I'm trying to use index size to throttle the number of docs going into ES. However, I found that docs.count and store.size are not proportional. With the same template, the index with more docs.count has smaller store.size.

health status index                                       uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
yellow open   log-2019-04-26-original                     UBM3FZncT_K3g7JKoL2n-g   1   1         50            0     37.2kb         37.2kb
yellow open   log-2019-02-14-original                     M9yTYemLS-iYm8qReH9CHA   1   1         38            0     41.9kb         41.9kb
yellow open   log-2019-02-13-original                     QaQ1R0mqTsKvBMnL_F3hiA   1   1        221            0     22.8kb         22.8kb

I also ran the _forcemerge, nothing changes.
Can anyone explain why? Big thanks.

Did you run the forcemerge while specifying a single segment?

No. I didn't find anything about specifying a single segment in the documents. I just run it without any parameter:
POST /log-2019-04-26-original/_forcemerge

That does not necessarily do anything. Look at the example towards the end in the docs showing how to specify the number of segments. Then set this to 1. It might also help to have a larger amount of data.

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