Index templates

When I ingest my index from MongoDb via monstache, the indexing is causing some of the documents not being indexed because it can't map the fields right. I have being trying (for days) to figure out the index template option. But when I use it, all it does is adding fields. So instead of 194 fields I get 500 for example. There's is little documentation about this.

In my database I have nested fields (arrays) that I want to group by each object in that array, but now it only group each property inside the object.

So for example

param (array)
-- obj 1
---- index 1
---- value 2
-- obj 2
---- index 3
---- value 4

but what it does now is


index 1,3
value 2,4

these are fields that contain a lot more than these two values so it's not really optimal for them to group if you want a quick overview of the values.

Kibana part of the forum is not the best one to receive help for this. This is an ingestion question so I would put it in the Elasticsearch area. If you're open to using something else for ingestion, I think we have mongoDB connectors for both Beats and Logstash.

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