Object mapping

Hello All,

I am using the version 6.3.2 instead of the latest stable one. The reason I did this was to use (test) the kibana-object-format plugin (https://github.com/istresearch/kibana-object-format).

The plugin was installed without errors. However, when I try to set up the object (array) it does not show it to me...

The structure is shown below:

    "_index": "my_index",
    "_type": "doc",
    "_id": "aqVEomkBaeGWyTzw4uVe",
    "_version": 1,
    "_score": 1,
    "_source": {
        "@timestamp": "2019-03-21T22:00:13.667Z",
        "map": {
            "ud": [
              "no": "N11111",
              "tf": 1553040000,
             "no": "N23456",
             "tf": 1553044124,

The Kibana > Management > Index Patterns does not show "map.ud" up, but it shows map.ud.no and map.ud.tf. The plugin website shows a video that "emoji" (I believe, "map.ud" in my case) would appear...

Well, I need to work with arrays, but "Objects in arrays are not well supported." by Elasticsearch.

Any help is welcome.


Hi Paulo, that Kibana plugin is not an official plugin. You may have better luck asking this question at the Github repo of that plugin.

Hey @abdon,

Thank you for your answer. I think the way to avoid using this plugin would be "nested fields" or "parent/child". However, I need to study this to understand better those options.


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