Index the output of the _cat API


I need to view the top ten list of all my indices sorted by size in Kibana (dashboad)
for start, I can get the list of my indices sorted with the following command :

GET /_cat/indices?v&format=json&s=store.size:desc (in a list format or in json format)

until now no problems.

My question is how I can index the output of the _CAT API command to a dedicated Elasticsearch index and analyse it then in Kibana(in a dashboad kibana ) ?

Thanks in advance.

Why not use the Monitoring functionality that already exists to show this?

Because I need to do some filters, sorts, ...
And I want to visualize the data in graphs

Ok, but if you are using the Monitoring functionality, then that's already there in the .monitoring-* indices.

But with the .monitoring-* I cannot have the list of my indices with their size ?

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