Indices are not visble in Kibana

// My current indices created from mutiple pipe line using in logstash.

Using latest version of Kibana 6.2.1 . First index reports is visible in Kibana, but second index (changerpt) is not visible or content also not searchable in discovery or visualization, do I need to configure any attribute ? please suggest.

experincing below error while shoot this command:- get changerpt cat/indices.

"error": "Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/changerpt] and method [POST], allowed: [GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD]",

You'll need to add an index pattern for it in Kibana, you can do so from the management page. It sounds like you've done that, so I'd try double checking the time filter in the top right corner.

The Console error you're getting is a bug, capitalizing get should fix things.

Thanks to remind me about this step.. I almost forgot it..

Curious to know, when we create index pattern I see field.keyword populated. Whats its significance, is that we can omit it ?

@jbudz... Now I can see the index, though it doesn't show the data in discovery and visulization.

By default elasticsearch will map string fields as keyword and text. keyword lets you search on the full field, and text breaks the field up for full text search. It can be ommitted by defining mappings in elasticsearch prior to indexing, and choosing one or the other.

Can you verify the time range you've selected in the top right overlaps with the data set?

@jbudz Its work, while creating index pattern, i configured "I don't want to use the time filter" and it work for me.
Thanks for assistance.

Can you verify the time range you've selected in the top right overlaps with the data set?`

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