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Hello ppl,
I'm working with some indices (index1 and index2), once I've created index1 and configured etc, I create the second one, without erros or problems, exept when I try to create it on Kibana App,

as you can see, only have 2 indices, but not the second one I want.
At the begining I though the problem was about kibana couldn't connect to elastic or something like that, but then I try to delete some test index and for my surprise they were removed from kibana app and I realised the connection works.

I'm trying to figure out what's the problem, but I'm stuck here.

Thank you.


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Hi, looks like you have two indices: hotelres and test.
Your next step would be to type into the index pattern box the name of the index you would like to define. See more on this here:

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Okey here are the index created:

But when I try to find it on Kibana nothing happens:

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Is that Kibana node bound to Elasticsearch running on
Can you curl from the CLI for

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Like this? (I'm quite useless with this im sorry about that)
This is from Kibana PC

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Not sure if there have been some issues with your implementation since the 9th (note red .monitoring index dated the 9th).

If this is a test (non-prod) cluster then I would recommend you look to find out via the elasticsearch.log why you have red indices. Delete them if you so decide to. Put a single index hotelavail with 1 primary and 0 replica as you are running a single node cluster. Do make use of the elasticsearch.log and kibana logs to aid in troubleshooting where why and how.

Have a good peruse of the following to get you started:

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Okey, I'll see if can find the error/mistake!

Thank you for everything!


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I don't know if this was obvious or not, but I tried to do the same but put some data in, and it worked.

So the proces should be: Create Index (hotelavail), mapping (X fields), put data in and Create it on Kibana. Anyway I'll read and re-read the "get you started link".

Thank you JKhondhu for the help.


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