Individual values of a specific field


Is it possible to show individual values of a specific field for each timestamp?

Thank you

you want all values for specific field for each timestamp ?
i would suggest to create a table visualziation,

  • add split row, select date histogram and your timefield, for interval select milisecond
  • add another split row, select terms, select the field which values you are interested in, and for size enter something thats bigger than the max values you are interested in (for example 100)

you might need to select small enough timerange in the timepicker

Ok thank you @ppisljar. I have another question in the same context, Let's say I have for every timestamp a metric called delta_requestanswer with values from 0 second to 60 seconds. And I want to display only data that meet this condition :

  • Sort data when at least for 5 consecutives timestamps with a delta_requestanswer are greater than 30 senconds.

Do you have any idea, I am a beginner and learning these kinds of stuffs, and dont have much idea how to accomplish this

i don't think there is a way to do this out of the box, i would suggest to do this kind of filtering at the time of index:

when you index your data, keep the buffer of last 5 'delta_requestanswer' values,
if they are bigger than threshold then index this into separate index.

we are working on a new feature that will make things like this possible, but its still a bit away.

How to keep the buffer of last 5 at indexation, and is it possible to show only data that are greater 30s using timelion?

thank you

at the moment its not possible to filter aggregation result in kibana.

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