Infinite extent for field "count": [Infinity, -Infinity]

I am building a bar chart in Vega visualization and it is getting created as expected. But when I change the time range or put some filter for which I don't have data, then ideally the chart should be blank and display nothing, but in my case it is showing the below error:
Infinite extent for field "count": [Infinity, -Infinity]
This may be because of the Transform that I'm using in my code. Can you help me resolving this issue or let me know if I can replace Transform with some other property.

What transform are you using?

I know some support default values or some basic conditional if statements that you can use to check values.

Hi @aaron-nimocks ,
Thanks for your reply!
I finally got the configuration to hide the warnings if we don't have ay data. Below is the syntax that I used.

 config: {​​​​​
kibana: {​​​​​
  hideWarnings: true

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