INFO: Windows, Logstash and could not find log4j2 configuration

(Julian Niemeyer) #1

I was getting a message others seem to get with a Windows installation:

Could not find log4j2 configuration at path /logstash-5.0.1/config/ Using default config which logs to console

My logstash is installed in c:\logstash-5.0.1

The solutions for me were either to create an Environment Variable in Windows LS_SETTINGS_DIR and set it to:


(notice - leading forward slash and all slashes are unix style not Windows style backslashes)

or to invoke logslash with --path.settings=/c:/logstash-5.0.1/config/

(again note position and direction of slashes)

I hope that this helps someone avoid the Googling and testing I have just done!

Logstash not logging
(Sanjiv Jivan) #2

Thanks. This was bothering me as well and definitely helped avoid googling.

(system) #3

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