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Is it possible for kibana to display only Infrastructure UI like below screen shot for specific user.

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Hi @Shivarhce --

As of 7.2, you can use Feature Controls to only display specific apps in the nav. To do this, you'd need to configure a role with space privileges to Infrastructure UI only (you can set "all", "read", or "none" for the app).

However, there is currently no further level of granularity to the feature controls: for example if you give someone "read" on Infrastructure, they'll still be able to navigate to the various areas of that app and view whatever information is there -- so you can't really lock them down to a single view within Infra UI.

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Hi Luke

Thank you it worked.

Can we set a Infrastructure as default homepage instead of a "Add Data to Kibana" ? I am using kibana 7.3 Please guide me on how to do so, if this is possible.

Thank you once again for you help
Shiva S

Hi Like,

Also, can we give access for dashboards to particular user ?

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Shiva S

Hi @Shivarhce

Yes you can create a role with only the "read" access to the dashboard and then add this role to a user.

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment to customise the default homepage.


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