Remove everything except Kibana dashboard while read only access to user

Hi Team,

I have created a space in Kibana with user read only dashboard access but when I logged in it's showing home page like below but I don't want user to show this page

Can I remove everything except Kibana & dashboard option in left side there, if yes then how? Please help & suggest.

I think you can change the home page with Default route in advanced kibana settings from /app/kibana to something else.

Thanks, I'm getting below error message when i Click on Dashboard as I have created another space with read only permission, Any idea?

Funny enough I encountered this exact error today! :slight_smile:
long story short you have to create index pattern, dashboard and ... per space!
if you don't want to do it. just use the default space and restrict it in your role. and then assign that role to your new user. something like this:

and the new user can only see those features:

side note: if you want to use SIEM and ML then let me know because you have to configure few other things.

Ok thank you, I will look into it. Actually I want user can only see Dashboard not logs, Metric, Discover, Machine Learning, Visualize etc..

Your welcome.

just change the priviliage to None for all of them except dashboard.

Thanks @borna_talebi, almost done except below home & management page. Any way to hide it.

Appreciate your help and prompt response.

Unfortunately no. If you find one let me know.

Sure, Anyway thanks for your help. really appreciated.

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