Ingest Pipline - Multiple Pipelines For Elastic Agent Data


I am currently researching for a solution to create a multi pipeline structure with ingest pipelines in elastic. The idea is to have some kind of post processing on the existing elastic-agent logs, for instance for enriching my data with security related information.

I found this feature request Specify multiple ingest pipelines for a data stream · Issue #61185 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub. But this is still open. So I need another solution.

One option for me is the final pipeline ".fleet_final_pipeline-1" where I could append a new pipeline within a processor and create this mentioned structure. It would look like this:

Pipeline: .fleet_final_pipeline-1

  • processor A
  • ...
  • processor Z
  • My-Pipeline

Does this work properly or is there any event, like a new patch, which overwrites my changes?

Or is there a better solution?


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