Adding multiple ingest pipelines to an index


How can we add multiple ingest pipelines to an index ? I have 30 ingest pipelines need to be added to an index pattern? is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @RajuParipelly. An index can only have at most one default pipeline and one final pipeline. But your default pipeline could execute multiple pipelines by using pipeline processors. Does this do what you want?

You will need to add one pipeline as the default_pipeline or final_pipeline, and then this pipeline would have multiple pipeline processors calling your other ingest pipelines.

Keep in mind that this would be executes sequentially, a pipeline processor will be called only after the previous pipeline has finished.

Also, if you are using Elastic Agent integrations you cannot change neither the default_pipeline or the final_pipeline, you need to use the @custom ingest pipeline of each integration.

Thanks @leandrojmp