Ingestion rate

Hello, I am new with Elastic. How can I know the ingestion rate?


If you enable monitoring, it will be easy to see this information in the monitoring application in Kibana.

Hello, we are using the basic Kibana and I don't think monitoring is enabled. Is there another way to get this information?

This is the only option I see on kibana. Sorry I'm fairly new with Elastic.


Sounds like you are using an old version. Is there any reason for that?

This is our current production environment partnered with Uipath. We are looking to upgrade this to newer version when we migrate.

Sadly, I do not know the configuration the previous vendor did for us since I only took over recently. We are trying to find out about the ingestion rate since it seems elastic bill their customer by ingestion. We are looking to buy the product for it's authentication/security feature and support.

No. The version of elastic stack you are using seems to be the OSS version which is totally free. Elastic, the company, does not charge per ingestion rate when you buy a complete license. So this is probably related to Uipath (which I don't know).

BTW did you look at

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That is weird, this is different to what the contact person said to me before. But thank you! I'll check this out.

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