Kibana total data ingest and total index data ingest rate visulization

Is there a way to track the overall data ingest rate of an ECE deployment? I'd also like to create a visualization that does the same with a specific index so that I can maintain a good idea of what the daily ingest rate looks like. The problem that I'm running into is that we don't have a field like populating since the data we are ingesting is not from a Beat which has fields like that. I've deconstructed the Inbound Traffic [Metircbeat] ECS visualization so I have an idea of how this could be done I'm just not sure there's even a way to do this with the data that we are getting.

Did you try to look at monitoring? Here is a screenshot where I am running filebeat to ingest elasticsearch logs:

Here are our docs:

Let me know if this helps?


It looks like this could be an option as I could utilize the indexing rate and disk to get a rough idea of where things are headed. Thanks for the insight. :slight_smile:

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