Visualize to count to document ingested for an index


I am new to visualization and hoping someone could help me on the below request.
I have a request to visualize the volume of the data ingested for index per day for example : index name logstash-index*

I have selected the below options but i am not getting the correct/actaul data on the amount of data ingested.

Please suggest what i am doing wrong here?

I was using the data table earlier,I have selected the Line graph now.
I am getting data for 15 minutes duration(date histogram-->timestamp-->Auto/Minute),but if I select the option as hourly(date histogram-->timestamp-->hourly) I get only partial output.

Whereas I don't get proper output for entire day.

I need to get the data count for entire day.

Any help is here is much appreciated.

What does your time filter look like up top? In my example, using "Last 24 hours" works perfectly:

Thanks a lot Larry_Gregory...I was using time filter for 15mins,have changed it to 24 hours and now i can view the output.

Can we visualize to check the size of the documents ingested every 1 hour for the index instead of the count?

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