Input fields involuntarily convert character combinations into unicode, like "<-" or "=>" into ← and ⇒

I can't search for "->" or "<-" or "=>" and probably other combinations in Kibana since input gets converted to → ← ⇒ and like.

Even if it isn't input: creating a filter by pressing (+) on a "->" field creates a filter for "→", and I see no way to trick it not to.

It obviosuly makes it impossible to search for "=>", for example.

Any idea why is it this way and how to force Kibana not to screw up input?

[UPDATE]: it is an interesting (and pretty uncalled for) effect: it seems to be a displaying problem. If I edit the Query DSL then it displays wrong but does the search.

However it was failing for me since Discover » Details » Filter for value (aka +) uses the plain field instead of field.keyword and the former cannot search for "=>", but as it turned out the keyword subfield indeed can.

So I see two (or three) problems here:

  1. -> and like gets displayed incorrectly
  2. Expanded document shows fields (that is okay) but filters for them instead of field.keyword, which may result a non-working search
  3. some search on field doesn't work which works on field.keyword. I guess this is not a bug, since I believe that's the way it works, but this creates weird effects for the first two cases.

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