Inquiry on Search Query Process with Connectors MSSQL

Hello Elastic,

I want to confirm on how does the connector MSSQL works in Elastic.

Does the connector pull the data from the MSSQL db one time only and ingest to Elasticsearch, and all the searching query process will be within Elastic?

This is my understanding regards Elastic where the searching process should resides on Elastic it self and it does not affect the server performance.

However, recently our application team we work with to enhance on the searching, they notice that the DTU performance spike to 100% and this happen outside from the scheduling sync of db time that I set.

For example, I set the scheduling sync every 12PM and the performance does not spike much, <20% the DTU reading, however some other time in the morning the DTU spike to 100% and it consistent.

The database has been used by Elastic only as what the team mention and I'm afraid that when user do the searching, our Elastic still go to the db to do the search query processing.

Need assistance to understand this further.


Hi @aisyaharifin - I will follow-up with you in the support case you opened today.

Thank you.