Inserting logs with TimeStamp out of order

Previously, the LogInfoEvent.TimeStamp from my application used to be the UTC time the log message was received. Recently, I parameterized it to allow my application to insert logs of operations that occurred in the past, like a week ago.

I tested this feature on dev environment without any issues. A few weeks later though, Kibana started to give me the following error message "Discover: Gateway Timeout", saying that my Elastic Seach is unavailable.

Is modifying the LogInfoEvent.TimeStamp a bad practice, considering that I have the option "Index contains time-based events " checked on Kibana?

A time field in elasticsearch comes in as a string and is parsed to timestamp based upon a pattern. If you modified the timestamp in such a way that the expected pattern is incorrect, the document could be rejected (default behavior). A timestamp is just a field within an index, order or values (beyond what I just mentioned) do not matter. You’ll want to check the health of the cluster and the elasticsearch logs to get a better idea of what is happening, as the problem you encountered could be many different issues.

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