INSPIRE compatible dataset - WMS layer on a map

I try to add WMS layer to a map in Kibana, but I get an error "Unable to load service metadata" if I use INSPIRE compatible url.

Example url:

Other WMS work just fine. Is there a problem with these INSPIRE compatible WMSs?

I'm using Kibana 7.12


Hi @heihieta welcome to the Elastic community discussion.

This server is only accepting the 1.3.0 version of the WMS protocol while Kibana Maps is requesting for 1.1.0. Unfortunately this server also does not support WMTS where a tile request can be defined to then work with the Tile Map Service layer type.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, that is unfortunate!
Is there going to be change with this in Kibana so also the 1.3.0 would be supported?

I'm afraid It's not in the roadmap but please feel free to create a feature request with your requirements.

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