Install elastic search on ambari

(Francesco Angelini) #1

hello everyone! I'm an IT student and since few months ago I'm trying to learn abount hadoop ecosystem. At university we buit an HDFS with ambari(hortonworks) and now I want to try Elasticsearch with ambari . Can someone tell me how can i do? I search on the web but there are no answer that works.
I hope someone will tell me how can i do.

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

What does "use Elasticsearch with Ambari" mean, exactly? Do you want to have ES store its data in HDFS? That's not supported.

(Francesco Angelini) #3

Hi thanks for the answer! I want to use elastic search as a service in ambari! take a look to this link:


(Francesco Angelini) #4

Nobody can help me? seriously?

(Youmna) #5

Hi, I'm triying to implement elasticsearch service to my ambari cluster. Did you find out how to do it?

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